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Gift Card Credits
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What are Gift Card Credits?

Gift Card Credits offer recipients the gift of choice. A recipient can use Gift Card Credits to select and buy any egift card of their choosing from the hundreds of major brands we offer within the FlexCard app. A recipient can split the credits to purchase multiple brands and also forward credits to friends. Credits never expire and have zero redemption fees.

A Gift Card Credit has a USD/CAD ($) value. Therefore, 1 Credit is worth 1 USD ($) for within the US region, and 1 CAD ($) for users located in Canada.

Can Gift Card Credits be redeemed in-store?

Gift Card Credits are a digital currency and can only be redeemed within the FlexCard App. The app is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

How to recall the Gift Card Credits?

You can retract Gift Card Credits by navigating to Manage Gifts located in your FlexIncentives Dashboard. When you retract a Gift Card Credit, the credits will be transferred back to your FlexIncentives account balance.

How can I redeem a gift card?

A recipient can redeem a gift card in multiple ways. Via a PDF, Apple Wallet or by downloading the FlexCard App.

When a recipient is sent a gift card they receive a New Gift email that contains a PDF with their gift card. The PDF can be downloaded to a mobile device or printed. Please consider the environment before printing.

Apple Wallet
Within the New Gift Email is an Add to Wallet feature. On tap a pass of the gift card is generated so the recipient can add the gift card to their wallet for quick instore redemption.

FlexCard App (iOS & Android)
The ultimate recipient experience is redemption via the FlexCard App. The recipient can:

  • - Quickly view brands Redemption Instructions and Terms & Conditions.
  • - Copy the gift card code and redeem the gift card online via their mobile device.
  • - Send a Thank You message to the sender.
  • - Forward the unwanted gift cards to friends.
  • - Redeem Gift Card Credits against the hundreds of brands offered within the FlexCard Catalog.
  • Download the FlexCard App

    Download the FlexCard app on iOS or Android to instantly receive gift cards or Gift Card Credits on your mobile device. Use the app to redeem gift cards in store or online and for sending a Thank You message to the sender.

    You can also use the FlexCard app to redeem Credits for any brand within the FlexCard App Catalog, as well as to send egift cards or Credits to family and friends.

    It is our mission to reduce plastic pollution - one gift card at a time. Join us and go digital.
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