Send digital gift

cards for employees

Buy and send digital gift cards for timely rewards and incentives.


A platform to instantly reward and incentivize.

FlexIncentives makes it easy to reward or thank customers, employees, partners and others with a digital gift card that goes straight into their inboxes. Take advantage of our ordering and fulfillment process to ensure that your recipients get their rewards, instantly.

Self service portal

Self Service Portal

Eliminate a complicated workflow and quickly place orders using our self-service ordering portal. Upload email addresses, select your brand and gift card amounts, personalise your gifts and send.

Streamlined management

Streamlined Management

Take the complexity out of multiple account management. Top up accounts, track gift card orders and manage team member accounts and permissions from within your dashboard.

Automated invoicing

Automated Invoicing

Keep the accounts department in the loop, and automatically send to them all invoices and recipients for orders generated by your team members using FlexIncentives.

Easy redemption

Easy Redemption

Your recipients will find it easy to redeem their gift card credits from our mobile marketplace. Available for free on iPhone and Android.

Gift card tracking

Gift Card Tracking

Never lose a gift card again. Track and manage your digital gift cards with real-time delivery status updates to make sure your recipient receives the reward they deserve.

Flexibile payment options

Flexible Payment Options

Reward employees, customers, and partners fast with your choice of multiple payment options, flexible denominations, and instant delivery. Pay by wire, ACH or Credit Card.


Find out what

really matters

FlexIncentives provides indepth reporting capatibilities and analytic insights that keep you informed about the status of all sent gift cards, your spending, and your teams spending to date.

Personalize your digital gift card


Personalize your

digital gift card.

Make a lasting first impression and say "Thanks" (or anything else for that matter) with a personal message attached to the gift card. You can also capture a personal video, selfie or image and attach the moment to your gift.


Gift card credits.

The reward of choice.

Simplify the gifting process by empowering your recipients to choose the gift card they want from our marketplace of over 250 major retailers. Gift Card Credits are available in a range of denominations, with no activation fees or expiration date.

Gift card credits

Company branded

We make it easy for you to customize your digital gift card credits so that they are unique to your business. Add the content you want, including your logo, corporate colours and more.

Retract un-used credits

Why let un-used gift card credits go to waste? With FlexIncentives you can retract any unclaimed credits with one click, and re-issue them to someone else. Ta-da!

Easy redemption

Your recipients will find it easy to redeem their credits from our mobile gift card marketplace. Available for free on iPhone and Android.


Send a gift card

to their device.

Make recognition fast and easy, reward your recipients wherever they are. FlexCard App let's you take your recognition program on the road. Recipients can recieve, redeem and store their digital gift cards on their mobile device using our free native iPhone and Android Apps.

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